How to unlock bootloader in Motorola Moto G (3rd edition, 2015)

Here you can find instructions how to unlock bootloader in Motorola Moto G in few simple steps (bear in mind that it makes your phone guaranty void). Before you start please make a backup, because unlocking procedure will wipe all your data in similar manner as factory reset.

Motorola MotoG 3rd gen.

So, you have full backup of your phone, right? OK, let’s start. At first, you need to have two tools installed and working: adb (Android Debug Bridge) and fastboot. Both are available in Android SDK – you can install it with Android Studio. To check if adb is working correctly, you can connect your phone with USB cable (with USB debugging enabled on your phone) into your PC and run following command: adb devices -l it should print output similar to the one below:

If it’s working then next step is rebooting phone into bootloader:

You should see “broken” android-robot on the screen with details about product, serial number, CPU etc. similar to the picture below, if this command succeed:

Moto G bootloader screen

Next, please check if device is visible in fastboot:

If so, then we need to obtain bootloader unlock code which will be used on Motorola Bootloader Unlock webpage by issuing following command: fastboot oem get_unlock_data. Output should be similar to the one below:

And the last step is to go to mentioned earlier Motorola Bootloader Unlock webpage and follow the instructions there to receive e-mail with unlock code.

Use the code from e-mail to unlock bootloader:

If everything goes OK, then phone should reboot (sometimes phone must be rebooted manually – you can do this by using Vol-Up / Vol-Down buttons to select proper option in bootloader’s menu and pressing Power button).

Yikes! Your phone is unlocked – you can install custom ROM now (ie. Cyanogen MOD LineageOS )

Till next Time!

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