Fastboot oem commands in MotoG (3rd ed.)

DISCLAIMER: You’re using following information on your own risk. I’m not responsible if you brick your phone with any of those commands.

Commands available in normal fastboot mode

Here is the list of available commands in normal fastboot mode:

Meaning of fb_mode_set, fb_mode_clear, bp-tools-on, bp-tools-off, qcom-on, qcom-off, cid_prov_req is unknown to me. Please share information in comments if you know what this commands are doing.

Fastboot oem config

fastboot oem partition

fastboot oem read_sv

fastboot off_mode_charge

Restricted commands

Below are commands which are “restricted” in normal fastboot mode (please let me know and share in comments if you know how to enable different fastboot modes where those commands can run):

fastboot oem usb_tune

fastboot oem sp_test

fastboot oem led

fastboot oem pmic

fastboot oem regex

fastboot oem wptest

fastboot oem display

fastboot oem backlight

fastboot oem logo

fastboot oem ramdump


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